Teachers’ Day Celebration

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Class X, XI & XII standard students planned and executed a very memorable Teacher’s Day celebration.

The morning began with a light-hearted assembly, where teachers were called up on stage for a game of Shipwreck, where each teacher was assigned a different role and a team number. Only one team could be saved from impending doom. Each team, while staying in character, had to convince audience members to save it.

Students then took classes for teachers, as well as their juniors. Classes for teachers included effective time management, hairstyling 101, culinary arts, contemporary dance, abstract art, spoken word poetry​, marketing/ advertising​ and drama. Teachers dressed and acted like students – with a tinge of exaggeration – so that their student-turned-teachers could experience some of the challenges of being a teacher.

After lunch, all gathered for a round for the IHS version of the improvisational comedy show  ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ The students then gathered together for ​a live screening of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Teacher’s Day speech. English translation was provided for those who were unable to follow Hindi.

Students organized a beautiful candlelight dinner for teachers. The night concluded with a cultural program, featuring student and teacher dances, IHS breaking news, video presentations, comedy skits and a mini-rock concert.

Students and teachers share their experience:

‘The students did a wonderful job in organizing the event. They put in a tremendous amount of effort and kept even the minutest details in mind. With Murphy’s law on their side, the schedule kept evolving over the course of the day, with a number of last minute changes and unexpected twists. Still, they were able to quickly adapt to the situation, think on their feet and maintain a certain grace and sense of humour a midst all the chaos.’

– Prakash Somayaji,

Senior School Coordinator

‘Teachers are teachers everyday, but what happens when students become teachers? OMG! It’s a mess! We were given a week for Teachers’ Day preparation. A tremendous amount of time and effort went into brainstorming and coming up with something different. I think we put up a pretty good show, and the hectic, tiring days were worth the fun. All in all, I had a wonderful experience.’


-Nidhi William, XI

Teachers’ Day Organiser