IHS Stages The Little Prince

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T​he students of​ Isha Home School (IHS)​ put up an adaptation of The Little Prince, the classic​ novella by French author, poet and aviator​ Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The story wa​s about​ a pilot who crash lands in the Thar desert only to meet an alien prince who teaches him the importance of life.

​The play was co-directed by Delhi-based theatre practitioner and long-time meditator Deepak Dhamija and the IHS Drama Department. Teachers and students worked collaboratively both on and off stage. The creative team experimented with various elements, including live music, human props and shadow puppetry. Student took lead roles in technical direction, composing music and shadow puppetry.

​The play was staged on the 13th and 14th of August. The first show was performed for​the Hata Yoga School and residents of the IYC, and the second ,for the students and parents of IHS​. Members of the Coimbatore Arts and Theatre Society (CATS) attended the show, and asked for a public performance in Coimbatore City.​

On September 2nd, the play was staged once more in Gedee Auditorium in Coimbatore. Students had to adjust to a stage half the size of Tarana and to an unfamiliar crowd.

​The public responded positively. It ​was

a great learning experience for everyone involved!