How Things Are Made: Senior Students Visit Various Factories

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Class XI and XII students had the opportunity to visit two factories – the Sakthi Sugar Ltd Sugar Factory in Sakthinagar and Diesel Machinery Works (DMW)​Ltd Factory in Perundurai. ​Sakthi Sugars Ltd is one of the largest producers of white crystal sugar in India. Established in 1964, the Sakthinagar Unit currently has the capacity of 9000 tons of cane crush per day (TCD).​ Students ​were taken on a tour of the factory during which time they saw​ the various equipment and machinery that are used to make high quality sugar, and ​to their delight, at the end of the tour, they ​were able to sample the product. After lunch, they proceeded to the DMW factory where they saw the latest CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines create high precision machined components.

Class VIII and X students visited the TNPL (Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Paper Ltd.) Paper Mill in Kagithapuram in Karur district. TNPL is the largest producer of bagasse based paper in the world and the 2nd largest paper producer in Asia. The bagasse (a by-product of the cane sugar industry) comes from various surrounding sugar mills, including those run by Sakthi Sugars Ltd. The paper making process, though simple, was awe-inspiring ​due to​ the sheer scale of production – the mill produces nearly 1200 tons of paper a day! Students also learned about the various corporate social responsibility initiatives undertaken by TNPL.

In both locations, parents, volunteers and those associated with the respective factories went out of their way to make the trip memorable for the students.​

Students share their experience:

” Visiting the TNPL factory gave us an insight of how the paper that we use in our daily lives is manufactured. Imagine standing in front of a mountain of bagasse.​ It was mind blowing to see how this was transformed in​to thin white sheets of paper.​”

– Rajarajan N, Class X