Warhorse MUN Workshop


From 1st to 3rd July, interested students underwent an intensive 3-day introductory Model United Nations (MUN) Training Workshop conducted by Warhorse, a young enterprise whose vision is to make every student a better public speaker.  Students explored all the various aspects of MUN-ing (as it is popularly known), including the necessary background history about the United Nations, the UN charter, the Cold war, and the Great wars. The workshop specifically targeted the development of all skills related to MUN – thorough knowledge of UN procedures, research skills, policy/ resolution writing, etc. The three day workshop culminated with a mock-conference, with all participants becoming delegates, each representing a country. The conference focused on finding solutions to the Syrian crisis. The workshop got many students interested in MUN, and served as good preparation for the various conferences that students will be both organizing and attending throughout the year.