Wayanad….Dear Wayanad



The shrill, yet pleasant, sound of the birds chirping, the steep slopes of the hills, the chilly breeze and the ice cold water– all asserted their presence in Wayanad. On our trip, we witnessed the beauty of nature and it felt like we were one of the five elements of nature–the fire of the bonfire, the freezing cold water in the streams, the pleasant cool breeze, the tall magnificent trees and the dirt we took everywhere with us! The company of our friends together with the beauty of nature, made our experience complete and almost perfect.


From the moment we boarded the bus it was as if time suddenly started to move faster. We reached Ela Blooms-our base camp the next morning. Our guides Sudarshan and Afsal never failed to keep us entertained at all times. On the very first day, we trekked downhill to a cold stream. When the water came into contact with our skin, it was as if the stream was inviting us to bathe in it. On all days we played many sports ranging from volleyball to archery, and we enjoyed every moment of the spectacular games. The waters below the infinity pool were also a sight to behold. They were a number of pools of water surrounded by rocks from which the defining roar of a cascading waterfall could be heard.


We also visited a bamboo factory called Uravu, where we saw the different items that bamboo could be molded into. We were engaged in bamboo handicraft workshops, and we were asked to make bangles or pens using only bamboo. One of the most exhilarating experiences was when we scaled Chembra peak, which is the second highest point in Western Ghats. It was really fun, and the steep slopes of the mountain made the experience even better. Almost all of us were engaged in helping our companions up the mountain the way soldiers on a battlefield would help their comrades. While coming down we were like animals fleeing the forest when a hunter approached.


Out of all the trips that our grade has ever experienced, it’s safe to say, that this was the best trip we ever had. Throughout the entire journey, we were constantly joking, fooling around and having fun; there was not a single moment of solitude.


-C.Maitreya and Sidharth Menon