Class XI Students Visit Malaysia



Captain Nasi Lemak

Departure was really quick, as we all bade goodbye to our seniors who had told us where to eat and shop at, in Malaysia. This was my first time for many things; it was my first international trip with friends, my first time shopping for hours with friends, and most importantly, the first time I stepped into the green Kerala at Cochin.

The 5 days in Malaysia were never long enough. We experimented with Malaysian street (which I was familiar with, back home at Singapore) with my friends and observing their reactions was remarkable. I had been to Malaysia numerous times, but going with friends was a whole new experience. The water sports I had done with family were something else. The same activities, from water sports to shopping to eating, were a different and exhilarating experience for me with my friends.

Malaysian cuisine is indeed one of a kind. Penang Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng, Char Kway Teow (not forgetting how long it took my friends and teachers to remember those names) were all remarkable dishes.
Then we came to know the sides of the teachers we never witnessed at school: their huge appetites, “incredible” sense of humour, child-like moments (almost whenever they were fatigued or famished), their “fear of heights” moments, and their “wild swimming in the sea”.

Visiting Malysia indeed did bring the class closer in one way or the other. I talked and shared indelible stories and conversations with some people I never talked to at school.

Of course, the pictures will tell you how much fun we actually had. This brief piece of writing will not suffice to describe the amazing memories we had and the fact that we found a class mascot, our Malaysian coconut Captain: “Nasi Lemak”.
Thank you IHS, and cheers to many more trips to come!
-Shivangi Sharma